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Many areas of the law are focused on events in the past. Most legal actions revolve around identifying something that went wrong, uncovering the truth about what happened, assigning blame and resolving the resulting problems. By contrast, real estate law and estate planning are largely focused on the future.

When you are buying or selling real estate, you are preparing for a new phase of your personal life or your business. When you are planning your estate, you are preparing the legacy you will leave to your loved ones.

At Campany, McArdle & Randall, PLLC, our skilled lawyers have years of experience helping individuals and businesses with a variety of legal issues, many of them involving managing life's passages and preparing for the future.

Roots In The North Country

Our law firm has deep roots in New York's North Country region. Our founding attorney has been practicing in Lowville since 1979, and our other skilled lawyers have been working in the area for many years.

When we give you advice, you can trust that it comes from our legal knowledge and experience, but also from our long-term commitment to the community.

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Our office is in Lowville, New York, and we represent individuals and businesses throughout New York's North Country region, including Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.